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Weyoun is the 5th clone in the current Weyoun line. Reliable and loyal, the Founders made use of his skills throughout the Dominion War. As a reward for his exceptional service, Weyoun was given Earth as his reward. He is the European Overseer and has domain over all of Earth as the Chief Dominion Representative.


A genius design of the Founders, Weyoun is loyal to his gods. And, more than that, he is extremely devious and possesses a charisma that most people have a hard time not being disarmed by. While these are strictly placed by the Founders, Weyoun has a certain fascination with other races, particularly with humanity. He feeds this curiosity by people watching.



Weyoun has an antagonistic relationship with Keevan, a fellow Vorta and the North American Overseer. Often times Weyoun will not go out of his way to make his counterpart’s duties easier and, on occasion, has even instigated small conflicts for Keevan.

Played ByEdit

This character is played by Coda.