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(This Wesley Crusher is from the mirror universe. For the one belonging to the 'normal' universe, click here.)


Born and raised through the rift and in the grip of the Terran Empire, Wesley Crusher was raised by his mother, leading Doctor and scientist Beverly Crusher, a well known scientist developing weapons for the Terran Empire. He never knew his father, following the gaggle of boys into the academy and into enlistment in the Terran Fleet.

After succeeding in his class in quantum physics, tactical strategies, and small squad tacitcs and demoliton, Wesley was accepted into the MAKO Development program, which took it's cadets away from civilization and formed them into even more of a hardened instrument of destruction.

During an assassination mission Wesley's group encountered a device under careful watch of thier targets guards. Unfortunately, during the assasination attempt, Wesley's hands triggered the device, creating a rift in the space time continuum, sending him through the rift and through the alternate mirror verse. At first, he desperately tried to find his way back, but even after consulting with various scientists, he was unable to receive the news that he wanted, finally accepting the fact that he would forever be locked through the rift, unable to find his way back home.

As the Dominion took over the Federation and the fleet was drydocked, he found it hard to accept the rule of the Dominion, who in his universe were nothing more than a rabble of sniveling idiots. Launching an underground resistance movement, he continues to strike where he can and when he can, making transmissions in an attempt to inspire others to follow the cause.

He has a series of contacts that allow him safe passage from the underground labyrnith under San Fran, and allowing him to surface and make purchases and keep tabs on information as he can.


Hardened and gritty. There is a large amount of a survivors mentality.



While Wesley never knew his father, his mother was scientist and lead doctor of the Terran Empire, Beverly Crusher.

Played ByEdit

This character is played by Jai.