Wesley Crusher

Wesley Crusher
Born June 14, 2348
Species: Human

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Wesley was born on earth and after his father’s death when he was five, Wesley was raised by his mother, Beverly Crusher. When he was fifteen she was stationed on the USS Enterprise-D along with him. On the starship, Wesley often times found himself lonely because of his intelligence and dedication to his duties.

Wesley participated in work-study programs with the senior officers of the crew. Sometimes while the Enterprise was in danger, Wesley’s experiments and quick thinking would be instrumental in helping to save the Enterprise.

At times, it became necessary for the Enterprise to come to the rescue of Wesley.

Eventually Wesley passed his Starfleet entrance exams and, after being granted special permission to serve as an Ensign aboard the Enterprise, Wesley went off to Starfleet Academy to complete his training.

His Starfleet career was cut short at the end of his Academy service by a scandal involving him and a professor. When he was founded innocent of blackmail though, his commission was reinstated and he started his career as an ensign in 2370.


Driven and dedicated, Wesley takes his duties very seriously. With the Dominion occupation, Wesley is very serious and very dedicated to his duty. He wants nothing more than to be involved in a rebellion against the occupation.




Salia was the intended ruler of Daled IV and a diplomat the USS Enterprise was transporting to the new planet. Wesley and Salia were both smitten with each other, however her responsibilities, much to both of their dislikes, trumped their relationship.

Jas KetEdit

Wesley met Jas Ket while he was in Starfleet Academy and she was an intern at the Federation Council in San Francisco. They became good friends and, within six months, they became a couple. Three years into the relationship, Wesley had a scandal concerning blackmail and Jas Ket ended up ending the relationship and taking a position in Paris.


Jack Crusher was Wesley’s father. Jack died in an accident on the Stargazer. His mother is Beverly Crusher who is normally the CO Medical Officer aboard the USS Enterprise.

Played ByEdit

This character is played by Amy.