792px-USS Defiant destroyed

Image file of the USS Defiant destroyed. (via Memory-alpha)

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After November 2374Edit


The plot to engage Romulans in the Dominion War fails as Garak’s plan to destroy Vreenak’s shuttle fails. Vreenak returns to Romulus with news that the Federation attempted to trick them into turning against the Dominion.

Dominion forces intensify on the Federation. The Federation is losing.


Forces failed to hold back the Dominion's approach. Betazed fell on the second of December, 2374. Federation forces were able to briefly halt the progression of Dominion forces in sector K10, the space between Betazed and Vulcan.


On the first of January, Federation forces fell to the Dominion. Vulcan and Orion fell shortly after. By mid-January, the first Jem'hadar, Cardassian and Breen landing parties beamed onto Earth. Initial resistance was met with deadly force as the Dominion cemented their presence in the Alpha Quadrant.


Earth was officially Dominion-occupied on February 1st, 2375. Federation and Starfleet staff that were compliant were allowed to return to their duties- under the guidance of a Vorta or Cardassian supervisor. Weyoun, the Vorta Overseer of Earth, encouraged ordinarly daily activity among Earth's residents.

Before November 2374Edit

While this section will be elaborated on more, it is in-canon to the show.