Looking down on earth


A lot of events can take place simultaneously in a role play game. We’re no different. Listed below are the common places that a thread, or a post, may take place. This is not broken down to a character’s home, unless it operates as a base and/or something other than a home. Usually, it includes the city and may, as the group grows, include break downs to specific places in the city.


Earth is the seat of the United Federation of Planets as well as the headquarters of Starfleet. With a varying history pre-first contact, Earth became built up and for some time, featured a peaceful multi-species environment with many citizens from all around the UFP as well as those visiting the Federation.

Golden Gate Bridge

San FranciscoEdit

With steep hills, amicable weather and the beach, San Francisco is the ideal hub for social gatherings. It’s also the headquarters of the North American Ambassador, Keevan. Despite being heavily guarded by Jem’hadar, this is also the location that houses the main crew of the USS Enterprise, who is currently high on the Dominion watch list for suspicious activity.


Daja is a popular restaurant in downtown San Francisco. Owned by Mixie Bridges, many people are drawn here because of the wide variety of foods from around the UFP, both fresh and replicated. In addition to the food selection, Daja also provides alcoholic drinks. Synthahol as well as other beverages are also provided.

Offices of the Dominion: North American BranchEdit

A hovel is hardly appropriate for a representative of the Dominion. The only other thing that would do is nothing other than a mansion! Upon arrival on Earth, the Dominion immediately seized various properties and, in doing so, provided posh living arrangements for their diplomats as well as an expensive and luxurious setting for their meetings.


Paris, the city of love. Tourists get wrapped up in this French city. It was also the capitol city of the United Federation of Planets. Since the arrival of the Dominion, Paris remains to be the capitol of Earth, however under Dominion control.

Offices of the Dominion: European BranchEdit

The European branch of Dominion offices is also located here. Headed by Weyoun, this office reports directly to the Founder currently residing on Earth.

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