Maximilian Croft, born in 2343 in New York City.

Serving under the Dominion was a good life, a comfortable life. They were more than happy to look the other way at the weapons he brought in and sold under the guise of being a simple merchant who was in the import/export business. True, the Dominion were the only ones who could afford the nice things he brought in, but that wasn't really his problem. ~Self Servers, Max and Hella Croft


Born Maximilian James Croft the III, Max was born on November 18, 2343 in New York City. Without any family members in the Federation, Max was brought up to be the creature he is today. His father, like Max, was in the importing and exporting business for private businesses. Seeing how lucrative this business is, Max also entered into the business.

In 2368 Max met Hella Fine, the wife if a terminally ill Starfleet Admiral. While their involvement soon turned romantic, the relationship was kept very quiet until Admiral Jared Fine died. In 2370 Max and Hella were married.


Max is self serving. He’s a passionate man, but it is often times hidden by a cold, reserved exterior. His feelings, what feelings he has, is hidden by this along with a more quiet personality that is often times essential to his business. Love is a strong word for anything about him. He cares deeply for his wife, but love would be a stretch and exaggeration of his feelings for her.



Given that Max is an attractive, charming man, he’s been no stranger to ladies. Max had several flings before marrying Hella.


Max met Hella outside of a bistro in San Francisco. She was waiting for her husband’s treatment to be done. The first meeting was brief, but important as it was a clear per-curser to their future relationship. They continued to meet at the bistro and a friendship soon developed. When Hella’s husband became confined to a biobed due to his illness, their friendship very quietly moved onto a romantic and physical nature. When Jared Fine, Hella’s husband, finally passed away due to the debilitating illness, the couple were married soon after.

Hella and Max compliment each other perfectly. Manipulative and ruthless, their alliances are only to one another and motivations are survival and profit.


Max was born to Janet and Maximilian Croft. Max is the third generation male of the Croft family to carry the name Maximilian and has no siblings.


  • Played By Amy.
  • Original Character