Malvolia Pomeo

'Briefly, she wondered if her mother would approve, but then again, her mother should've sent for her to come home or done anything but insisted that she stay away.' -Markets in San Francisco


Malvolia’s mother was a member of a civilian colony located in the Neutral Zone. When a minor Romulan survey ship was stranded on the colony with no realistic hope of rejoining the Empire, the officers eventually allowed themselves to be enveloped in the colony. Malvolia’s father was one of them and began a passionate love affair with her mother, Carmella. Eventually the colony was moved and the Romulan officers were found and ordered back home. Malvolia’s father left and Carmella went back to Earth. It wasn’t until later that she found out she was pregnant with Malvolia and then had her in Naples, Italy.

While her Romulan heritage wasn’t kept a secret from her, Malvolia’s curiosity wasn’t encouraged by her diplomat mother to explore it. Growing up she attended very few extra-curricular activities due to a moody, loner attitude. Despite that her childhood was relatively normal until the Federation lost the Dominion War. To keep her safe, Carmella sent her daughter to live in San Francisco, away from Europe and the concentration of unrest over the new Dominion governing body.


One might identify Malvolia as having a classic Romulan personality. Moody and emotional, she’s also reserved and introverted. Often times this causes her feelings and emotions to bottle up and then finally reach a boiling point at little things. While she regrets these outbursts, Malvolia works to control her emotions. She’s naturally introverted and a loner. The company of others isn’t something she enjoys but prefers to do things on her own, without help or the supervision of others



While Malvolia doesn’t even know her father’s name, her mother is Carmella Pomeo. She doesn’t have any siblings.

Played ByEdit

This character is played by Lilly