When the man barged into his office, Keevan had to bite back a growl. He despised Weyoun. He was an arrogant, cocky bastard, much like himself of course, but Keevan liked himself. ~from 'Laissez faire Leadership'

Personal InformationEdit

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Past ClonesEdit

Keevan I was the first in the Keevan line to be ressurected from the extensive DNA sample library available to the Founders. His duties were to evaluate the possibility of more servant species within the Dominion. While he was unable to locate any suitable species, he showed promising skilles at diplomacy. When Keevan I was brutally murdered by an uncoopertive subject matter, Keevan II was born.

Keevan II was immediately sent into the field of diplomacy. His unique ability to not mask his true nature yet force others to comply made it possible for him to negotiate with less niave species and still be successful. The Khrug, a species native to the Gamma Quadrant, tried repeatedly to poison Keevan without success. However, the final, and successful, attempt was a swift and fatal neck break.

The first of the Keevans that the Federation encountered was Keevan III. Commanding Jem'Hadar and stranded on a planet, Benjamin Sisko and his crew were in a similar predicument. Ultimately, Keevan betrayed his Jem'Hadar and the Dominion in order to save his own life. Later that year (2374), Keevan III was killed by Quark and a crew of Ferengi rescue party on Empok Nor.

North American OverseerEdit

When the Dominion overthrew the Federation on Earth, seven Vorta ambassadors arrived to bring order to the chaos. Overseeing North America is Keevan. The duties of an Overseer are to evaluate potential threats, determine the appropriate course of action and then execute the best possible plan. Duties also include keeping the population complacent.


  • Canon Character
  • 4th clone in the Keevan line
  • Technically 3 months old