Players can create characters that are anywhere (as long as it is reasonable to the game’s plot), however sticking to established plots is helpful. The categories below list the main plots we have going on.

Dominion PlotsEdit

Paris BaseEdit

Paris was the official government seat of Earth and the offices and home of the President of the Federation. Now, Paris is the seat of the official government, however it isn’t the Federation, but the Dominion. At this location, Earth’s Overseer, Weyoun, manages the Dominion forces on Earth, including other Vorta, like Keevan.



San Francisco BaseEdit

As the headquarters of now disbanded Starfleet, San Francisco now serves as the Dominion base for North America. This is where a lot of Dominion (and resistance) activity takes places. Keevan is the North American Overseer.



Resistance PlotsEdit

While under The Dominion Occupation, the citizens of the Federation have begun to organize. Because of the aggressive hold that the Dominion have on Earth, cells, formed usually by city or territory, are the only defense they have so far.

The San Francisco CellEdit

It was fortunate that the Enterprise was docked at Earth and with most of her crew taking advantage of some much needed R&R on the surface. Many of the main crew were able to cluster together right after the attack began. This has allowed them to form many members of the San Francisco cell.

Members include

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