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A single member within a group can carry several characters all at one time. For example, in some groups, members can have up to 25 characters and successfully play them. While this is an extreme example of one player having multiple characters, the idea is the same: You can play more than one character. This page works as a sort of introduction to all the characters in our group. (Please note that most of our individual character pages are still under construction.)

There are usually two main kinds of characters in a role play game: Canon and Original.

Canon characters are ones that are introduced through the series or other work which your game is based on. For example, if you started a game based off of Harry Potter and played Harry Potter. He was introduced in the series, therefore canon.

Original characters are characters that are created by players. In most instances, they are custom created after a member joins a group so that they can fit better into a notch that needs filled within the group.


There are also characters that are ‘available’. That is, they are open for new or existing players to take upon themselves. In some cases, these characters require more than just to be spoken for, but references from the player who has expressed an interest in them. These characters are denoted with a *.

It is also important to note that the Star Trek universe is vast, spanning 40 years of species, characters, and stories. Because of this, it would be far too time consuming to list all of the canon characters. While the admin and caretakers of this site will strive to include all canon characters, we will begin with the ones most pertinent to the group now.

Temporarily Played

Sometimes it is necessary for a player to temporarily take on an available character. These characters are still avaialble unless the player expresses a permanent interest. Below are ones that are regularly played, though still available:


It is talking about NPC and Reference characters that things become a little shady. Is an NPC a supporting character? Can an original character be an NPC? What about character family relations?

In Dominion, we classify an NPC character as a character that is occasionally taken up by one or more members to satisfy the need of a plot. For example, a doctor makes a house call to the home of a husband and wife. While the doctor is conversing with the wife, the player of the husband may take up the doctor and control him; when the doctor is addressing the husband, the player who the wife belongs to can control the doctor. This is a good example of an NPC’s function. They are just filler characters that are designed to make a thread go more smoothly. An NPC character CAN be taken and played by a member, it can also be regularly played by the a member as an NPC.

Referenced characters are exactly what their name suggests. They are characters that are not played in the game but are referenced in passing by characters for whatever reason. For example, one character may say: “Mom is watching the kids. She said she’d try not to spoil them while we are gone for the day.” That statement suggests that Mom is a referenced character because Mom doesn’t say that she’ll try not to spoil the kids, or that she has the kids, but another character communicates that. Mom never actually makes an appearance.

Like available characters, this list may not be entirely up to date, but we’re doing our best.

Here is a list of referenced characters in Dominion:

  • Carmella Pomeo
  • Laura and Ivan Bridges
  • Kendra Bridges
  • Jacob Voight

Download the TemplateEdit

If you are interested in creating a character in Dominion, you can download the template for it here. You can email it to the moderator of the group here: dominionrpg-owner (@) yahoogroups (dot) com


Characters that are currently being played by a player are considered ‘taken’. These characters can be both canon and original. A player may temporarily have their character inactive, which only means that they are not currently playing them.

Here are all of our currently taken characters:

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