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Ayala grew up under the shadow of her over achieving military brother. Throughout her childhood she felt she needed to prove herself to him. Her parents coddled her and tried to keep her away from activities that they felt were ‘unsavory’ for a young girl.

The Halanan people were unique in that they mated for life and Ayala was being trained to be a loyal future wife. But she rebelled against this at every turn; preferring to engage in combat training and athletics with her brother. Je was handpicked for intelligence within Starfleet and at the age of 20 went to the Academy on earth. Against her parent’s wishes, Aya followed her brother several years later.

As a cadet, Aya excelled in her medical courses. After finishing basic training at the Academy, Aya transferred to Starfleet Medical eventually graduating as a nurse. Within two months, she was stationed aboard a Sovereign-class ship on a two-year exploration mission, where she functioned as assistant to the head nurse.

As tensions in the neutral zone heated up, Ayala volunteered to be transferred to the Dreadnought-class ship the USS Entente. There she almost exclusively worked in triage and emergency services. While serving in the demilitarized zone near Cardassian space, she witnessed first hand the devastation the colonists were put through as Starfleet and the Federation took a somewhat hands off approach to the occupation. Within eight months, she had defected to the Maquis.

Ayala continued to serve the Maquis throughout the Dominion War when some of them aligned themselves with the Federation in order to fight the Dominion. After the war, she returned to earth with several Maquis and a former crew mate from the USS Entente to join in the resistance.


Aya is very competitive and has a difficult time not meeting any challenge presented to her. She is easily aggravated and often outspoken. She can be very protective of herself and revels very little of herself. Even her close friends understand she is guarded. Because of this, Ayala can come off as aloof and detached.



Ayala’s mother is Ko Citlali and her father is Hyun Li. Ayala has one sibling, Lt. Commander Je’en “Je” Li, her older brother.

Played ByEdit

This character is played by Sarah.