While it is always good to read the wiki, here is a basic overview of the game, how we do things, and our back story.

Rules To Live ByEdit

Or well, at least to play by. Like any game, we have rules. It is important that, for a successful game, these rules be observed. If you are viewing our wiki purely as a guest, rest assured that these rules are adhered to by our members.

  • Because we allow, but are not focused on, adult content and themes, a player must be 18+.
  • All threads that contain adult content must be marked accordingly. (see our page on this topic)
  • Players must demonstrate an acceptable knowledge of spelling and sentence structure.
  • All characters must be approved by the admin.

The BasicsEdit

This section is under construction.

Technical StuffEdit

Overviews are nice, knowing the details is better. Here is imformation about how we run our game:

  • We always write in third person, past tense form. Most books you read is in this format, so people are more accustomed to it.
  • What are points? We don't use a point system to determine characters. When you make one, it is up to the moderator's discretion of the character is approved or is too powerful in the game.
  • This is a text-based role play game. There are no video games here.